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Dark brown oak magnetic strip frame


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Dark brown magnetlic strip frame available in several sizes. Magnetic frames give a simple and sleek look, as well as avoid reflections that normally occur in a glass frames.

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A smart and beautiful way to frame your posters. These frames come with ready to hang string or can be mounted directly on the wall.

  • Thin and elegant.
  • Available in many colours and sizes.
  • Solid oak and ash wood.
  • European, sustainable production.
  • Animal-friendly thread.

  • 31cm magnetic strip frame fits 30x40cm poster.
  • 43cm magnetic strip frame fits 40x50cm poster and 40x30cm landscape poster.
  • 51cm magnetic strip frame fits 50x70cm poster and 50x40cm landscape poster.
  • 71cm magnetic strip frame fits 70x100cm poster and 70x50cm landscape poster.
  • 101cm magnetic strip frame fits 100x140cm poster and 100x70cm landscape poster.
  • 141cm magnetic strip frame fits 140x100cm landscape poster.